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Inspiring Behavioural Change | Webinars & Workshops

We offer a range interactive workshops, considered instrumental to the development of coaches and their delivery of high-quality sessions.  We focus on delivering a bespoke programme, that promotes application, reflection and actioning of learning to have a real impact on coaching delivery and player experience.

Take a look at some of our webinar and workshops below.

A Minimum 97 % of coaches deemed CPD sessions to be either good or excellent

Creating Behaviour Change through Environment Design and Coaching through Adaptive Games 

Learning Outcomes


  • Recognising benefits of a Game Centred approach

  • Key components of a Game Centred learning environment

  • Applying guiding principles to a Game Centred approach

  • Importance of having an adaptive game design

  • Understanding how reflection underpins game design delivery

Screenshot 2021-02-04 at 18.10.55.png
Giving and Receiving Feedback

Learning Outcomes


  • Recognising the importance of perceptual skills

  • Application of feedback models

  • Characteristics of high-quality feedback

  • Implications on the receiver

  • Action planning for performance improvement

Co-Coaching Roles and Responsibilities

Learning Outcomes


  • Appreciation of the varied coaching roles and their impact on the learning environment

  • How to optimise learning and development through effective deployment of coaches

  • Associated benefits to co-coaching actions and practices

  • Awareness of the unintended consequences of coach interventions

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Raising Self-Awareness and Effecting Behaviour Change in your Coaching

Learning Outcomes


  • Create a picture of performance utilising a supported diagnostic tool

  • Enhance personal performance profile through discussion with colleagues / critical friend

  • Highlight key areas to optimise  your coaching performance

  • Secure personal goals and underpin with key actions

  • Undertake regular reflective practice through use of varied reflective tools


Feedback on Key Learnings and Impact on Behaviours

Feedback on most liked aspects of delivered CPD

I really enjoyed the three sessions and certainly feel like my thinking has been stretched and have so many takeaways to use in sessions and share with my coaching colleagues. I was trying to come up with a key learning point from last night’s session - but there were too many! Having reflected, the discussion around identifying the cues and actions stands out; I’m not sure I’ve always paid as much attention to the cues as I could have been doing... That’s set to change!


Thanks so much to Jon at coach Centered Limited for our third DPP workshop on game design.  Tied together everything we’ve done on goal setting, reflective practice and the detail each session goes into is amazing.


Another great evening sharing ideas with coaches, exploring another angle of practice design, where will it end.  Few challenges from tonight to explore towards developing my own model.  Thanks JB


Really enjoyed the session tonight on feedback.  Lot to learn, lots to think about.


Great session this evening with Coach Centered Limited and our DPP coaches.  We explored ‘giving and receiving feedback’ and the variety of tools we can use and how we might apply them.


Really enjoyed sharing some of academy practice / ACE / DPP practice and thinking last night with community coaches, who brought great reflection and ideas too.  Outstanding work by Coach Centered Limited.


Excellent to learn from Coach Centered Limited and other coaches on tonight’s development webinar.  Plenty of ideas and challenges (traffic lights) to improve co-coaching, self-reflection and goal setting.


Thanks guys, a good evening dive in to co-coaching, especially other coaches perspectives, and the ‘Continue, Start and Stop’ conundrum!


Really interesting CPD session with Coach Centered Limited and DPP coaches this evening.  Thought provoking discussions around co-coaching and how best to utilise reflective tools to support coaches and in turn player development.


Really enjoyed the short, sharp and honest breakouts with some fantastic people.  Bring on the next one.  


Thanks for another good session this evening. Looking forward to the next one.


Interesting & useful webinar this evening put on by Coach Centered Limited.  As a young coach it’s great to get the chance to speak and listen to people with far more knowledge and experience.


Thanks for tonight, lots learned and to ponder.


Very good, though provoking session.

Webinar Feedback

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