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Inspiring Behavioural Change | Team Coaching

Team Coaching

We work with teams to establish their why, the purpose behind their vision and in helping develop collaborative practices by understanding peoples norms and how they behave when they come together.

‘Partnering with a team, unleashing its potential to collaborate to achieve its collective purpose’     

Team Coaching Studio 2021
A learning intervention designed to increase collective capability and performance of a group or team, through application of the coaching principles of assisted reflection, analysis and motivation for change. 

Clutterbuck 2010

With the complex and ever-changing demands of the business world, the ability to learn faster than your competitors has never been greater.  In supporting your team, we will help unleash your potential, through generating collaborative purpose, understanding and responsibility, in which emergent team structures solve complicated problems and drive towards better outcomes. 


Case studies and testimonials demonstrate multiple successes in securing high functioning teams or individuals, reflecting our breadth of approach and understanding.  Our work with others has helped establish and define their why, the purpose behind their vision, to helping individuals develop the interconnected components of collaborative practices, and team structures.   We have supported leaders to generate a consultive approach to creating high achieving environments where there is a culture of learning, genuine support and interest in others so that excellence has the capacity to thrive.  Get in touch to understand our two stage approach to team coaching.

Stage 1
Discovery Phase 
Stage 2
Co-Creative Delivery Phase

Inspiring Behavioural Change |  Key Outcomes

  • Embedding positive mindset, enhanced self-confidence and a true sense of well-being

  • Self-motivation, self-improvement, supporting and developing others

  • Using feedback and reflective practice to raise awareness of needs and opportunities

  • Uncovering opportunities for personal development

  • Enhancing & developing interpersonal skills

  • Improved communication, rapport building, relationships and collaborative thinking across the business

  • Enhanced time management, prioritisation, productivity and decision-making skills

  • Applied leadership and performance management skills

  • Action on smart goals and key actions

  • Create high performance, cohesive teams for higher achievement

  • Increase employee retention, satisfaction, motivation and engagement, reducing staff turnover

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