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Inspiring Behavioural Change | Most Liked Aspects of CPD Delivery

Key to success and levels of engagement centered around the quality and style of delivery, together with relevant content, which was different to what they had experienced before.
Feedback April 2021
  • I really enjoyed Jon's delivery style, his obvious depth of knowledge and how relevant the sessions were to what we do as coaches - some great topics that aren't really covered in depth in formal/RFU training

  • Forced to talk and share! Good feedback mechanism

  • It was tailored

  • Well structured, aimed well. Good mixture of group work, talk, professional and non-professional ideas

  • The explanation of principles with worked examples; interactive nature

  • Interaction with others. Ideas to implement.

  • The interaction and exchanges of ideas

  • I enjoyed the breakout groups and discussion part with other coaches a great deal.

  • Interactive underpinned with good session structure. Clearly explained processes.

  • I felt very connected early, the content was great and has help me tremendously

  • Well structured

  • Interactive, short sharp impactful

  • Batesy’s knowledge, delivery style and ability to dissect even the smallest yet most impactful elements of coaching craft and asking us to reflect on our own coaching through a range of processes, avoiding repetition/tedium.

  • The breakout sessions with one of the London Irish Academy coaches there to facilitate and further challenge.

  • Chance to learn from more experienced coaches and test out my own thinking

  • I liked the style of presentation - short & sharp - and the use of breakout rooms on zoom to reflect & come up with own ideas.

  • Lots of information covered in a short pace of time, opportunity for discussions

  • Covered subjects not covered elsewhere

  • The straight to the point learning areas and ability to discuss said points with others on the call.

  • Range of participants with different views. Different way of looking at things. Well organised with timely communication.

  • Learning from others

  • The open and interactive aspect

  • The content and subjects were great. I liked everything and took loads away for me to work on and develop.

  • Really collaborative workshops making use of breakout rooms to learn from others and discuss very relevant topics.

  • It was encouraging to engage with other coaches who are at different stages of their development. I also felt it challenged me with how I engage with my group of coaches, and clarified the need to empower them more to get the most out of our sessions with the players.

  • All of it

  • Diagrams & infographics

  • Sharing ideas

  • Interacting with other coaches

  • Meeting with other coaches

  • Chance to share and listen to ideas

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