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Inspiring Behavioural Change | 1 to 1 Coach Mentoring

‘Unlocking peoples potential to maximise their own performance’     


                                                             Sir John Whitmore

Coach Mentoring Video

Owning your personal development and investing in your growth as a coach is essential to those seeking to reach their full potential. 

The uniqueness and personalisation of 1 to 1 coaching is best placed in providing this much needed learning support through its efficient and accessible methods.

The Relationship is Key


Our approach to coaching is based on creating dynamic and high trust relationships in which a caring, encouraging, and curious approach is used to nurture a lasting change in practice, skill, and behaviour.  We provide a safe and inspiring space for coaches to practice, be stretched and challenged beyond their comfort zone.  Learning moments are celebrated and hidden attributes uncovered in the process of unlocking potential and maximising performance growth.

As part of our co-learning strategy, we integrate a range of activities and tools to help elevate the importance of applied practice and critical reflection, drawing focus to behaviour insights and new perspectives.  We facilitate on-going self-discovery and push creative boundaries to bridge performance gaps and reach higher states of performance.

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What You’ll Experience

·       Personal investment in you as a coach

·       Promoting self-awareness & self-understanding through deep reflection

·       Developing your why and clarity of purpose

·       Accelerating behaviour change through action learning

·       Push your creative boundaries

Outline Programme: 1 to 1 Coach Mentoring Package


Stage 1: Initial Online 'Chemistry Session' (15 Mins): Introduction & Scope


Stage 2: Insights Task: Personal Performance Review (Submitted for Coach Review)


Stage 3: Online Discovery Session (45 Minutes)


Stage 4: Online Action Planning Session  (30 Minutes) 

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