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Coaching Behaviour Tool
Coaching Behaviour Tool

Inspiring Behavioural Change | Coaching Behaviour Tool

Our 1 to 1 coaching approach to leadership and development, generates co-created solutions that nurture leadership capabilities, develop capacity in your people and create a learning culture within your organisation.

We are delighted to launch our ‘Coaching Behavioural Tool’ providing a much needed solution for coaches that is accessible, convenient, and affordable. 


With anecdotal evidence suggesting coaches are increasingly isolated within their delivery environments our online coaching tool helps bridge this gap.


Take a look and get in touch to find out more. 

‘Unlocking peoples potential to maximise their own performance’      Sir John Whitmore

In a world of rapid, constant and disruptive change, having the leadership skills to cultivate dynamic, innovative and committed people from within organisation has never been so important.

Through the identification of gaps between aspiration and practice our curated learning pathways offer the right tools and support to nurture leadership capabilities, develop capacity in your people and create a learning culture within your organisation.


We raise the awareness of personal leadership capabilities through self-discovery, reflection and behaviour insights, uncovering the solutions and performance principles to long term behaviour and performance change.

1 to 1 Coaching

Working collaboratively with individuals in offering life and career coaching to secure co-created solutions in unlocking potential and maximising performance improvement.

Embrace the opportunity to reflect upon your own journey and seek to explore an understanding of your true self, your purpose, ambitions and goals. 


We provide the psychological safety through high trust relationships to listen, seek understanding and investigate learning. 


Through encouraging positive self-reflection to raise awareness we extract and reshape learning moments into goals and actions to enable growth.

Let's Chat

Excited about the prospect of having your first coaching session and exploring the opportunities that lie ahead. 

Want to know more about how to get started or simply have questions about what the process entails. 

I’d be very happy to offer a free 30-minute phone call to chat through the intentions of 1 to 1 coaching and its value to you at this time. 

1 to 1 Coaching


'Expertly challenged to get the best out of me'

'Transformed my thought process as a person & coach''

Want to know more about how to get started or simply have questions about what the process entails. 

'An inspiration to me, our team and our business'

Free 30 Minute 'Discovery Call'

'Recommend to anyone who wants to improve in their field'


‘Having a thinking buddy of this calibre who invests in your individual needs but most importantly connects on a personal level and provides a different insight has been imperative for my development. This learning journey has been very exciting thus far and I’m looking forward to continue pushing the creative boundaries, be vulnerable and grow with Coaching Centered’

'Working alongside Jon from Coach Centered proved a hugely positive experience on many levels. The mix of indoor and outdoor workshops provide a real motivator for learners, presenting challenge outside of individuals comfort zone, yet having a deep rooted relevance and application back into the business context. 

There were so many opportunities to work collaboratively, engage in applied activities and work through reflective practices that brought learning and impact back into the business context.  Jon’s involvement was brilliant and we thank him for his dynamic and personalised learning experience'

“We were thrilled to have Jon with us.  His sessions were so impactful. It was great listening to everyone at the end of the course talk about how easy he made it for them to learn the lessons and transfer them straight back into the business context’

It has been my particular pleasure to work with Jon Bates over the last 15 or so years: His engaging and pleasant persona almost imperceptibly links the recipient to a wealth of experience that delivers a wide ranging set of business benefits and individual life skills.

Jon enables the realisation and development of hidden personal attributes using techniques that influence his charges into developing themselves as people with confidence, respect and renewed values.

With an exemplary array of qualifications Jon delivers a professional skillset with integrity and credibility: His instinctive belief in what he is doing comes with a genuine desire for his clients to reap the benefits from his guidance.

There have been many intangible benefits to our business, but our transition from a set of disparate departments into a solid ‘one team’ ethos, combines with a step-change in staff retention statistics and a sense of involvement at every level: Our recruitment costs have reduced by 40%.

By teaching us the ability to step back, to empathise, to check for understanding, and to develop the individual through enabling their own personal journey of discovery, has been an inspiration to me, to our team, to our business, and to our customers.

‘Jon has developed my leadership & management skills, allowing me to lead & develop both full time and part time staff. Jon has a unique set of skills and an ability to develop individuals across a wide range of areas. Jon has played an integral role in my own personal development and the development of individuals within my team’

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