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Introduction to Coaching

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Introduction to Coaching Course


Transitioning Senior Pupils and Athletes into the Coaching Pathway


So how successful are you in drawing on the experience and competence of senior sports pupils

and athletes into your coaching programmes?


What’s preventing you from aligning their ongoing performance development with an introduction

and understanding of coaching?


Ever wondered what the impact of such trained role models might have on young performers within

your school / club environments?


How might this influence your coaching culture and delivery of sporting programmes within your organisation?


The launch of our ‘Introduction to Coaching’ course has already received excellent feedback, with “its blend of theoretical and applied practical opportunities providing a framework for young coaches to confidently start delivering and supporting sessions at sports clubs for younger pupils.”


“Genuinely an exceptional day of CPD”




  • Integration of senior pupils / athletes into your coaching programmes

  • Greater support for coaching staff

  • Improved coach / player ratio’s

  • Improved coaching standards

  • Role modelling and engagement from senior students

  • Student mentorship

  • Developing sporting culture


“The RGS sports coaches benefitted immensely from the considerable expertise of Jon and Richard,

and I would wholeheartedly recommend Coach Centered to any schools or sports clubs looking to

develop elements of coaching and leadership within their respective institutions”


We are passionate about using the creative industry of coaching to provide growth experiences for young people and the safe space to explore and develop an understanding of themselves and their identify, drawing a clear focus on their talents, strengths, beliefs, and values. 


“Thank you for such a fun, informative and thought-provoking day!”


With a focus on basic coaching theory, core coaching skills, the importance of communication, and opportunities to design, deliver and reflect on performance, we are offering young coaches a dynamic learning experience, rooted on collaborative practice and opportunities for leadership, to create the appropriate environments to connect, engage and develop young people.


“Coach Centered designed and delivered an exceptional bespoke training day to support our

Sixth Form sports coaches as they begin working with younger cohorts of students at the RGS. The day

was an enormous success””


“I was extremely pleased to be introduced to Jon at Coach Centered earlier this year. Jon came very highly recommended as someone with the expertise to support the school as we launched a new sports coaching initiative for students. This has certainly proven to be the case, with Jon helping in several ways to shape and advise on the delivery of our new venture” 

                Ben Dudley RGS              



Get in touch to discuss how we might support you and your organisation in its mission to integrate senior athletes and students into the coaching pathway. 





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