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Inspiring Behavioural Change | About

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Jon Bates

I'm passionate about our client friendly philosophy; our inclusive and transformational approach to people development, coaching and mentoring; and in placing the individual at the heart of the learning process.

Accomplished, versatile and proven leader, manager and developer of people, with 18 years’ experience within one of the World leading sports governing bodies. Culturally sensitive, innovative and resourceful thinker, with extensive experience in leading people change and performance improvement across demanding and complex environments, in both sport and business.  

Our Philosophy

The creation of a learning relationship is critical to performance development and embedded within Jon’s philosophy of optimising holistic personal and professional growth.  His commitment to building a relationship with others, ‘investing in the individual’ and connecting ‘on a personal level’, models high trust behaviours and a connectivity built on integrity, understanding and openness.

He promotes an environment built on celebrating successes, generating a level of confidence and psychological safety that affords others the space to articulate their valued thoughts, experiences and feelings.  There’s a freedom to be vulnerable, to self-discover and make mistakes without judgement, with a sense of perspective and stability from which learning moments are captured and co-created solutions secured for true transformational change. 

His capacity to support reflective practitioners in helping raise their self-awareness through self-analysis and self-understanding, encourages new insights and knowledge generation underpinning behaviour change, accelerating competence and ultimately personal growth. 

Inspiring Behavioural Change | Key Outcomes

  • Learner centred approach, creating solution focussed independent thinkers

  • Embedding positive mindset, enhanced self-confidence and a true sense of well being

  • Inspires behavioural change through self-awareness, self-analysis, self-understanding, change and self-improvement

  • Stimulate personal growth maximise performance improvement and creating high performance, cohesive teams for higher achievement

  • Boosts employee performance and accelerates individual competence

  • Increase employee retention, satisfaction, motivation and engagement, reducing staff turnover

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